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Dream girl, real boy

Mast is about star craze. Sandeep Chowta makes light-hearted tunes, and is most comfortable with pop graces

Rs 45

Sandeep Chowta is a success story from Bangalore. Some years ago he founded Pulse, a pop group, and recorded a couple of songs for the music channels. Telugu and Kannada films beckoned him after that.

And then Ramgopal Varma happened. The Rangeela man invited him to compose the score for his crime thriller Kaun. Now comes Mast, a film about a teenager who's crazy about the screen queen Mallika. Her life is hell, and our star-struck young man tries to free her from the clutches of a tyrannical uncle. And love happens...

Since it's all about youth and fantasy, the music is light-hearted.

Sandeep Chowta uses a heavy bass on a fast beat and sings the title song. The rest of the orchestra, synthesized, joins in to complement the tune. This is the best song in the album.

Ruki ruki is a 'train' song. The words talk about a raja and rani and a new life opening up and that sort of thing, and the rhythm is built up stylishly with various kinds of drums, including a tabla. It's shot against the Alps and you can imagine the picture postcard visuals.

Other songs like Aasman se don't impress as much. Poocho na yaar kya huais taken from R D Burman, and sounds like a remix. Suna tha is a pleasant reggae-pop-big-band song with thavil beats on the interludes, reminding you of the Gentleman song, Chukku bukku raile. The tune is routine, but the orchestra, rich in trumpets and drums, is lively. The song features Sunidhi Chauhan and Sonu Nigam.

Sandeep seems most comfortable in the Western pop mode: all his graces come from there.

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