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A Parisian cafe on TV

MCM, the French music channel with worldwide reach, is presenting an array of Indian musicians on January 26

MCM is seen across five continents. The French music channel -- MCM stands for 'ma chaine musicale' (or my musical channel) -- plays rare videos, in addition to the regular songs you see on the other music channels. But what's it about MCM that makes you feel intelligent and not just like a couch potato?

Headquartered in Paris, the channel achieves a tone that is educated and chatty. If you needed an analogy, you could think of a French cafe. The channel invites writers and artists, and weaves music videos through what they say.

MCM has been beaming to India too. And now, for January 26, 2001, it has lined up an array of Indian programmes. The channel's special Indian day coincides with Republic Day.

The special Indian programmes include a slot for Lucky Ali and the Asian Dub Foundation, which MCM presents in association with The Music Magazine.

MCM also runs a website that features French and international music news.

The television channel is beamed to Asia and Pacific countries in digital mode.

India day schedule

Read an MCM interview with singer Tori Amos

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