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China in our minds

Modern Talking add a dance feel to their sound, and sprinkle the 'Orient' all over their lyrics and music

Year of the Dragon
Modern Talking
BMG Crescendo
Rs 125

Modern Talking - the two-member German band featuring Dieter Bohlen and Thomas Ander -- present their ninth studio album and the colouring they try is Chinese.

All tracks have the trademark Modern Talking rhythm, but they reach for newer sounds, a mix of dance and their own heavy beat and bass. Techno sounds with voices morphing in and out is definitely new to this group. Avec toi follows this new trend. A synthetic-sounding voice repeats the refrain Avec toi on a non-stop beat.

I'll never fall in love begins with the refrain from the popular Glen Madeiros number Nothing's gonna change my love for you and then goes on to sound like a track from Air Supply. Soft pop, with strings sailing all over. No Chinese take out here. The same is true of Fight for the right love.

The inlay card shows the duo posing in a street with Chinese letters neon lit in the background. A real Chinese trip, or a virtual one? The album lacks the charm of Modern Talking's earlier recordings, but it won't go down as a blot on their career either.

S Suchitra Lata

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