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MSIL Nityotsava 2000

Sing and win a trip to Bangalore!

Last date extended to 30 September 2000

MSIL, a premier marketing house, has launched the MSIL Nityothsava awards to spot singing talent in Kannada sugama sangeeta. The contest is held live for students in Karnataka, and recorded for students outside Karnataka.

The contest is open to students all over the world. Students abroad, and outside Karnataka, can enter the recorded music contest by sending an audio cassette of any two songs. One winner from among them will be flown down to Bangalore for the awards ceremony in November 2000.

Rules for contestants outside Karnataka:

1. The contest is open to students between the age of 15 and 26. Contestants have to be school, college or university students.

2. Please send two songs on an audio cassette to MSIL. The songs should not be classical compositions or film songs. They can be bhavageetes, vachanas and devaranamas sung in the non-classical style.

3. A tamboori, harmonium or keyboard can be used for shruti, and a tabla for rhythm, but no other accompaniment is allowed.

4. The entries should reach MSIL's Bangalore office before 15 September. Do not forget to send contact details (address, phone, fax, and e-mail).

5. MSIL will meet one-way travel expenses of one winner in this category to enable him/her to participate in the finals in November. MSIL will also host the winner's stay in Bangalore for two days.

6. MSIL reserves the right not to declare the award if no entry is found satisfactory.

7. The decision of MSIL is final and binding on all contestants. In any unforeseen contingency, MSIL reserves the right to change the dates and modalities of the contest.

8. For further details, please e-mail Mr I M Vittala Murthy, Managing Director, MSIL.

Send your tapes and contact details to:

Nityotsava Awards (Non-Karnataka)
Advertising & Public Relations Department
Mysore Sales International Limited
MSIL House
36, Cunningham Road
Bangalore 560 052

Phone: 091 80 226 8118/226 4021-28
Fax: 091 80 225 0168
E-mail: msilho@vsnl.com

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