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This week on Music Dude, the music channel on Oyeindia.com:

Deep Purple, live in concert, in Bangalore: The music was great, but somehow the visuals didn't match

Spreading the world music mantra: Soundrootz, a music store in Madras, transports you to a new world

Steely Dan won four Grammys?! 20 years later and they're still on top. But do they care?

Air: France's answer to new-age rock: The Virgin Suicides soundtrack by Air reviewed

Whither the sweet song of anguish?: Calcutta's music of angst gives way to synthesised pop in Bhoomi's Yatra Shuru

Spreading a good vibe: Bombay Black is what happens when studio musicians join forces

Groovy energy from Madras: Funky Bodhi Music - Carnatic meets funk. A band profile

Some recent stories:

Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia talks to Oyeindia.com at Saarang 2001, Chennai

Trip rockers from Delhi - Envision. A band bio with photogallery

Human Clay by Creed -- an album review

Joose, Madras masters of funk rock. A band bio

The rise and fall of Levi's Great Indian Rock 2001

Soundcheck 42 from Delhi, the saviours of India rock. A band bio

A meeting with Trilok Gurtu, his mind, manner and his music

The Jazz Jalopee: If you don't jive to jazz yet, here's where you start

For all those who love Ally McBeal: Music from the TV series. A review

The Smashing Pumpkins' last album ever. A review

Ashtoreth: The Biblical goddess of love. And a rock band from Delhi

Gods of grunge. The story of Nirvana

Drive Carefully For Our Shake. Orange Street's new album. A review.

Celebration by Nadaka, a musician based in Auroville, Pondicherry. A review.

Mystic Frost, a rock band from Pune. Band bio.

The amazing history of Silent Night, the Christmas carol. A feature.

Handel's Messiah, one of the most popular Christmas musical productions. A feature.

A platinum Christmas -- Celebrate Christmas with the Backsteet Boys, 'N Sync, Dave Matthews and Santana. A review.

The Ricky Martin quiz

The Grunge quiz

Great Indian Rock photogallery - an institution of underground Indian rock

For more features, reviews, band bios and quizzes, come to: http://www.oyeindia.com/musicdude

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