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No Roja without thorns   Exclusive
Lahari, the Bangalore label that owns the rights to A R Rahman's hit album Roja, ambushes Sony with a cheating case for recording a cover version. Manoharan Naidu of Lahari talks about the issues at stake    New

Napster and BMG will make music together
The music exchange software that helped millions access their favourite MP3 files promises artistes advantages through its alliance with BMG    New

Warner making anti-copy DVD
The Warner music group is readying to introduce a high-quality DVD-audio format to curb song piracy on the Net    New

Illiterate, says Nadeem of his accuser   
The music director tells a London court that his accuser is unreliable. Last year, the court ruled that Nadeem was, on the face of it, involved in the murder of cassette king Gulshan Kumar    New

Warner making anti-copy DVD

Warner music group is readying to introduce a new, high-quality DVD-audio format with anti-copy features.

The company is expanding its partnership with secure online distributors and has said it would offer 100 audio tracks online through Liquid Audio. Each DVD-audio disc costs 24.98 dollars.

The DVD-audio is expected to give higher audio quality and seven times the storage capacity of a CD.

Nadeem awaits court verdict

Nadeem, accused of involvement in the murder of cassette king Gulshan Kumar, may want to return to his film music composing in India, but a court in London is not convinced he is innocent.

Nadeem has challenged a magistrate's order saying the earlier verdict, ruling that he was prima facie involved in the murder, was based on a letter written by accused-turned-approver Mohammed Ali Shaikh.

Nadeem told the court Shaikh is illiterate and can only sign in Urdu. Shaikh's daughter strengthened this claim by admitting under oath that her father was illiterate. But prosecution bulldozed this evidence by confronting her with embarkation documents that Shaikh had signed in English.

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