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Got a music film to show?

San Francisco's Noise Pop Film Festival is seeking narrative feature, documentary, short, animation, experimental and music video for a festival from February 27 to March 3. The big rule is: the work must have a connection to music, either in its subject, in the talent behind or in front of the camera, or a prominent soundtrack. Go to Noisepop for more details. No entry fee. (Posting: Karan Bali)

Free healthcare for musicians

Ananya, the Bangalore-based cultural organisation, has launched a programme to provide free medical care for musicians.

Over 50 doctors have volunteered their services for  Arogyadhara. About 50 musicians performed on a pleasant, cool Saturday evening (October 8) to raise money for the programme.

Lalgudi Jayaraman, U R Anantha Murthy and other celebrities attended the formal launch of the programme on December 8. They praised the efforts of Ananya, whose moving spirit R V Raghavendra said the programme would be extended to the districts as well.

Arogyadhara has enlisted the services of doctors from various disciplines. The chairman of the Arogyadhara fund is industrialist B N S Rao.

Ananya also honoured Lalgudi at the ceremony. "Music is meant to create happiness. It can create harmony among people," he said at the Ravinda Kalakshetra concert.

Music lovers in Bangalore are familiar with the calendars Ananya brings out. Each year it publishes calendars with pictures of well-known musicians. The 2002 calendar, with swaramala paintings, was released at a ceremony where R K Srikantan and Kadri Gopalnath were present.

Published on 13 Dec 2001

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