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Joshi returns to the concert stage

Bhimsen Joshi is back on the concert stage. And his admirers are celebrating.

Joshi sang at Calcutta, and his comeback melody was the afternoon raga Brindavan Sarang. For a year he hadn't sung in public, and there were rumours that he had retired.

He scotched them, to the delight of his faithful audience. He has put a surgery behind him, and is back where he is happiest: on the concert stage.

In Mysore he sang a jugalbandi with Balamuralikrishna. The spontaneous applause of 12,000 people greeted them.

George Michael rocks on the Net

Mark October 9 in your diary if you are a George Michael fan. His live show in aid of Kosovo refugees will be webcast on that day.

Other singers like Celin Dion, Bono, Jewel and groups like The Corrs and Eurhythmics are also singing for a cause. The live shows will take place in London, New Jersey and Geneva.

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is the spirit behind the shows. Cisco Systems, a British company, will do the webcasting. The concerts will be on television later.

Thank you for the music!

Long before MTV and Channel V, Abba had hypnotised India with their fresh pop. The Swedish quartet still sells here.

Groups like Steps have now remixed Abba hits. And the foursome, though no longer together as a group, recently came together to demand better royalties.

The royalty they got in the 1970s might look like small change compared to what the remixes can fetch. And why should they say Hasta manana to that!

Honour for S Krishnamurthy

S Krishnamurthy, well-known musicologist, will chair the Bangalore Gayana Samaja's music conference this year.

His English translation of his grandfather Mysore Vasudevacharya's memoirs has just hit the market.

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