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Yenna Paaru (Tamil)

Shubaa's voice is hearty, and the rap bits are quite neatly done, but the album is unremarkable otherwise. She sings the slow Malligai vasam well. The album describes itself as 'techno pop' and has music by Raju; the words are Kadal Mathi's.

Rs 35, Super Recording Company, Chennai 600 087

Vascoda Gama (Tamil)

Veteran composer L Vaidyanathan makes nine tunes for Muralikrishna in this 'new wave Tamil pop' album. The young singer sings some classical alaps and folksy graces, but the tunes are too simplistic, and don't compare with Vaidyanathan's haunting best. Radha sametha Krishna tries to blend the pop and classical styles and ends up becoming a mish mash.The lyrics are again by Kadal Mathi.

Rs 25, Super Recording Company

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