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Three Yesudas releases

Yesudas's first ever album of Haridasa compositions is just out.

Produced by Sagar Music, Krishna Nee Begane Baaro features Purandaradasa compositions like Gajavadana beduve and Jagadoddharana. Other tracks are Tirupati Venkataramana, Kotta bhagyave saako, Nalidaade enna naalige mele, Srinivasa ennabittu and Guruvina gulama, besides the title track. Although Yesudas has released scores of albums under his Tarangini label, he had not done a fullfledged album of Kannada devaranamas. The pity from a musical perspective is that he didn't get to sing them when his voice was in better shape.

Sagar Music, based in Bangalore, has simultaneously released three Yesudas albums. The other two are Kalyani, which features a ragam-tanam-pallavi in that raga, and Swagatham Krishna, which features bhajans and shlokas. The cassettes, priced at Rs 50 each, are compiled from a live concert in Udupi in early 2002.

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Sapna Dekhila

This unusual album features three thumris, a chaiti and a jhoola. In other words, it is a showcase for Shubha Mudgal's skills in what are called the semi-classical forms. These are shorter pieces than khayal raga renditions, and their folk roots are far more apparent.

The sub-title says the songs relflect "the glory of the Poorab ang". Uttar Pradesh and Bihar are said to constitute the Poorab country, and these are songs from there (the region between the Yamuna and the Padma are generally considered thumri country, and forms like chaiti, hori and jhoola belong to the same family of genres).

Sapna Dekhila features the thumris Jaavo khadar nahin bolo (raga Mishar Khmaj), Dekho jiya baichain (raga Mishra Tilang) and Kankarwa mohe maare de hain (Raga Pilu). The jhoola, Dheere dheere jhoolao sukumari, expresses tender feelings on the swing. The title track, Sapna Dekhila, is a chaiti, which is a form associated with the month of spring (chaitra) and essentially talks about the pangs of love during the hot month.

Shubha sings with intense feeling, and the compositions challenge her to depart from her classical mode, and with a voice like hers, even the filigree phrases stand out bold and strong, and not wimpering. This is most evident in the title song, where she sings lovely, unorthodox glides. If you've heard her raga renditions, and her experiments in the world of pop like Mann ke Manjeere, you will want to add this to your collection. The tabla by Aneesh Pradhan and harmonium by Purshottam Walawalkar are additional attractions on this album.

Sapna Dekhila by Shubha Mudgal, Magnasound, Rs 75 (cassette)

Published on 4 April 2002

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