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Touring Europe: a web guide for musicians in the US

Gigeurope, a new Boston-based company, could become the American artiste's passport to Europe.

The company has just launched a website to help US bands and musicians export their music across to Europe.

The website will connect bands from the United States with venues, tour managers and booking agents in various European cities. It allows musicians of all genres to search a database of venues and tour support services from 29 countries.

The website also features artists who seek to tour Europe. Organsiers can select a band or musician and listen to a music sample from the website. The site will also have updates on happenings on the European music scene.

Gigeurope is the first online international tour booking service for musicians. "This is a one-stop shop for artists and musical groups to develop, book, and manage their tours ", says James McKenna, CEO of Gigeurope.

Gigeurope quotes Billboard magazine's statistics that Europe currently constitutes 34 percent of the total worldwide market for music sales. US bands find it tough to break into the European market without the assistance of local agents and artist managers. Developed on McKenna's own experiences as a touring musician, Gigeurope hopes to bring down the barriers of entry to the European market.

Visit Gigeurope

Sangitopanishat Saroddhara

Sudhalakasa, a Jaina scholar, wrote this book in 1350. First published by the Oriental Institute, Baroda, in 1961, it now comes with an English translation by Allyn Miner. Considered invaluable for its record of the period, the book is sure to be of interest to scholars and students of India's cultural history. The writing of the book coincides with the establishment of Muslim rule in Gujarat, and it devotes space to information culled from a Persian work.

Published by Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts
In association with Motilal Banarsidass, New Delhi, Rs 400

'I'm no Ghalib or Tulsidas'

Sameer, writer of over 3,000 songs, feels he is more popular than his father Anjaan -- who also wrote songs for Hindi films -- but adds he is no Ghalib or Tulsidas. In a recent interview, he says his songs like Jiye to jiyen kaise (Saajan) and Sailare sailaru (Josh) show his versatility. He is angry that Nitin Raikar's song Apun bola tu meri laila was included in Josh, for which he was to write all songs. His favourite composer: Nadeem. And he doesn't much care for Gulzar or Javed Akhtar.

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