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1-minute reviews

Punch in

Raag Rang (Saxophone-flute jugalbandi)

A colourful confluence with Kadri Gopalnath on the saxophone and Pravin Godkhinde on the flute.

Gopalnath excels in the instrument he introduced to Karnatak music and Pravin proves his mettle as a Hindustani flutist. This tape also features an orchestra of keyboard, guitar and violin as it tries to achieve fusion. A ragam-tanam-pallavi in Brindavan Sarang is the highlight. They play the popular Kannada compositions Krishna nee begane baaro and Tamboori meetidava with an unconventional orchestra, often Western in orientation.

Rs 50 Sangeet Sagar (Bangalore)

Musafir (Hindi)

Sooraj makes a debut with 'Musafir'Sooraj is a yet another new name in Indipop. His voice is strong but does not lend itself to graces, Western or Indian. The tunes are for the undemanding and take a dip into various genres, country, pop, and rock. Some of the songs, for example, Phir aayee teri yaad have a distinct John Denver feel, with a guitar and a simple melody.

Rs 60 Milestone

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