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Bacardi Blast 2 (Pop)

The tape describes the 20 songs here as "premium remakes" and "quality version recordings". Which is another way of saying that new singers have sung existing hits all over again. Don't despair. True to its claim, the album does have "quality" in the way the songs are rendered and recorded. If you don't mind remakes, you could buy this tape. Tracks include Mambo No 5, Larger than life, I feel lonely, Why don't you get a job, Genie in a bottle, and When you say nothing at all.

Rs 75, Virgin

Golden Hour, K J Yesudas, Super Duets (Tamil)

Yesudas is ageing and you don't want to forget his young voice. Golden Hour is a collection of some of his older duets. It dates back to 1964 with the Viswanathan-Ramamurthy song Enna parvai from Kaathalika Neramillai. The 1982 number Bhoopalam isaikkum from Thoralninnu Pochu, for which Ilaiyaraja made the music, is the most recent. The tape has the old radio feel, thanks to the scratchy recording. Songs like Hello my dear wrong number (Manmatha Leelai)and Andha maane (Andaman Kadali) take you to a bygone era, but one wonders if it's worth Rs 55 for just one or two good songs.

Rs 55, HMV

Raga Janasammohini (On TV)

Pandit Ravi Shankar was the judge at a TVS Saregama session, when a participant sang a song from Anuradha, the '60s movie for which he had composed music. She identified the raga as Kalavati, and was corrected by the maestro, who said it was called Janasammohini. "When I started playing it, I didn't know what it was called. Instead of giving it some name like Ravi Kalyan I looked up the texts and found a south Indian scale called Janasammohini," he explained. It might have been in the texts but no one even in the south was playing it. To the scale of Kalavati (sa-ga-pa-dha-ni(komal)-sa), add a shudh rishabh and you get this pleasant raga.

O Nanna Aparanji

Archana Udupa, who won the TVS Saregama finals, and Pallavi, who acts in the popular serial Mayamruga, feature in this private album. Both come from families that have been in the arts. Archana's father Srinivasa Udupa is a sugama sangeeta singer, and Pallavi's mother Gowri and grandfather A S Murthy are well known in theatre circles. Their voices blend easily, but they sing all songs in unison, without trying out harmonies or individual essays. This young team deserves welcome, but it needs to be more adventurous if it must impress. B V Srinivas is the man behind the tunes.

Rs 20, Lahari

Anupama's Malayalam

"I find singing in Malayalam the most difficult," says Anupama, shot into fame after she sang Chandralekha, that stylish A R Rahman number in Thiruda Thiruda. She has been singing regularly in Tamil and Kannada, and has sung stray songs in a dozen other languages including Bengali and French. She came on a chat show recently and said she finds Malayalam accents the most difficult to handle.

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