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India's worst nightmare

The earthquake that shook Bhuj and other parts of Gujarat has claimed at least 25,000 lives. Defence Minister George Fernandes fears the number could be close to one lakh.

We give here some links that may help those trying to contact their friends and relatives in Gujarat.

NDTV Message Board

Very useful board. NDTV produces programmes for the widely watched Star TV, and runs some of these e-mail messages on a ticker during its bulletins.

Central government's toll-free centres

These satellite phone terminals provided by the Centre also function as public call offices. Calls are free, and the phones can be accessed from India and any part of the world. Dial code 00873 before dialing these numbers.

* Bhuj: 761887199, * Gagodar 761887193, * Laltekri-2: 761187190, * Vithoon 761887210, * Airport-1: 761887196, * Nakhatrana: 761887198, * Madhapar-1: 761602892, * Kotda/J: 761887213, * Nalia-1: 762092816, * Collectorate-2: 761887213, * Bhachau-1: 761887194, * Rapar: 761887191, * Mandvi: 761887197, * Mundra: 761887211.

List of quake victims in hospital

Engineers Guild, a private website, gives a list of quake-injured admitted to army hospitals in Pune.

Photo helpline

Some photos of unidentified victims.

Gujarat helplines

This link gives you telephone numbers of the various helplines set up by the Gujarat government. Includes a districtwise listing.

Rediff's earthquake coverage

Rediff has been devoting many pages to breaking news and updates.

India Today's web newspaper

The Newspaper Today is India Today's new web newspaper. It features quick updates and helpline numbers. You can also do your bit for the victims here.

Deccan Herald-Prajavani relief fund

Karnataka's leading newspaper house has set up a relief fund with an initial contribution of Rs 2 lakh.

Send more quake relief links for publication here

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