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Ragini hopes to spread an awareness of lyric-oriented Indian music


Spreading the good word

Ragini, a new group based in Seattle, plans to popularise lyrical Indian forms like the ghazal, geet and devaranaama

Ragini Debut Concert
The UW2 Commons
University of Washington
Bothell campus
November 4, 2002
5:30 - 6:30 pm
Directions and Map:
(Map will also help identify parking areas on campus)

Ragini was conceived in May 2002, by Srivani Jade, a Seattle-based singer trained in Indian classical music.

Ragini is dedicated to exploring and performing classical-based music from both the North and South Indian traditions. The group brings together enthusiastic musicians who share a passion for this genre of Indian music, and hopes to spread an awareness and appreciation of the more lyrical and Nibadha (bound) forms of Indian classical music, such as Thumri, Ghazal, Bhajan, Geet, Sadra , Tarana/Tillana and Devaranaama.

In their debut concert at the University of Washington, on Nov 4, Srivani Jade (vocals), Nandakumar Sankaran (tabla) and Pradeep Chilka (harmonium) will be performing a sample of this musical genre.

Another goal of Ragini is to make Indian classical music more accessible. The group will present a series of events in the coming year that would present Indian ragas in its classical form, followed by lighter, popular songs based on those ragas.

For more information about the group, its members and philosophy, to audition or enquire about future performances, please contact Srivani.

About the artists

Srivani was initiated into music by her father Bhavani Prasad Jade. At the age of four, she started training in Carnatic (South Indian classical) music under Prema Rama Rao, an established concert vocalist in Hyderabad, India. Unlike other musicians who are usually trained with a single-minded focus on classical music, Srivani simultaneously trained in semi-classical forms under the guidance of her uncle, Raghavendra Tilwalli of Sangli. While in India, Srivani was a regularly featured artiste on All India Radio and also performed on Indian television. Since moving to the USA in 1996, Srivani has performed in Colorado, the tri-cities area of Washington and in Seattle.

Nandakumar underwent training at an early age on the Mridangam with T D Balasubramaniam, a disciple of well-known Ghatam maestro T H Vinayakram. Since 1995 he has been training on the tabla, first with Harsh Aggrawal in Denver and more recently under the tutelage of Vishal Nagar in Seattle. He frequently performs with local artists and groups in classical and light-music concerts and also teaches the tabla at his home in Kirkland.

Pradeep has been extensively involved with both popular and semi-classical Indian music in the Seattle area. He plays a variety of musical instruments including the mandolin, harmonium and percussion and has a passion for ghazals.

Published on 3 November 2002

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