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Remo: some more questions

Indifference breeds

It is natural for Remo to react so emotionally, but, says a reader, the incident also raises questions about how star performers treat accompanists

This is in response to the article in your mag (a really good one) featuring the "angry letter" written by the 'man in grief' -- Remo Fernandes, regarding the treatment meted out to him and his dead band members after the gruesome accident in which all his band members died.

It has often come to the fore how artists are treated by organisers.

Though less known artists often come under an obligation that they have been given an opportunity to perform, and are expected to take any shit thrown at them, it comes as a shock that a great artist like Remo has been treated so badly in his hour of grief by people who are associated with one of the greatest education institutes of our times.

My deepest condolences to Remo and to the bereaved families.

But, then, if I'm not wrong Remo had NOT travelled in another CAR but by FLIGHT (this is according to the reports I read in the newspapers like Deccan Herald and Times of India) and his band members were to travel in a car/jeep/van to join him the next morning. Now why is it that his band members had to travel by car while he had the privilege of travelling in a plane? Kindly try and find out the facts.

If it is true that Remo had travelled in another car, then please ignore this mail. But if it is true that he travelled by flight, then you should read what I have to say.

Is it not true that Remo charges a whopping amount (in lakhs) for his concerts... the amount itself would have been more than enough to sponsor everyone's flight and still make a huge profit at the end of the day, and maybe he could have avoided the whole incident?

The point I want to make here is... Why are session musicians often given second class treatment by the main artist? In such a case, why should Remo even expect anybody's help from the faculty of IIT Kanpur? He is just being emotional which is only natural for a man who has lost his most precious musicians/ friends.

First point -- Did the accident happen in the IIT campus? No!!! It happened far away from the campus and so obviously no official from IIT can be expected to be of any help. It is indeed heartening that some students of IIT were there to help and show that the human kind do exist. I still wonder why Remo is hassled by an indifferent soul like Dhariyal.

By the way, is there any news if Remo has come forward to share his lakhs, as compensation, with the bereaved families? It was for Remo that these guys played, not for the indifferent souls of IIT. They lost their lives eventually, didn't they?

Indifference is breeding everywhere... anyway.

Name withheld on request

(The line saying Remo was travelling in another car was based on a Panaji dateline report we read on the Times of India site. -- Ed)

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