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Remo: lost four fellow musicians to an accident


'Entire group was to travel by car'

I wouldn't want to comment on the lack or otherwise of human kind but the entire group was supposed to travel by car to Lucknow, from where they were going to take a flight. So I don't think accompanying artists (at least in this case) were being given different treatment. As I said, I don't want to say anything about how helpful the authorities were here or for that matter whether Remo was generous enough to donate part of his earnings to the bereaved families.

A student
(Name withheld on request)

In my view without confirming the authenticity of the mail, such things should not be posted in public like this. And if posted then try to look at the other side of the coin also.

Abhaya Agarwal
121 Hall II
IIT Kanpur

(The mail came to us from a reliable source, and we will be glad to publish anything we receive about the other side of the story. -- Ed)

I have read the article posted on your site, and would like to bring to your notice the following:

The accident time mentioned is incorrect. Santan DID NOT die! He is recovering from the injuries of the accident, and is right now in Goa!

It is sad that you donít even try to confirm the details before you post such a sensitive article.

Jayant N Arlekar
IIT Kanpur

(We gathered the time of the accident and the number of people killed from agency reports, some of which were, we now understand from your mail, wrong. We are sorry about the second error, and wish Santan a speedy recovery and long life. -- Ed)

Write to Riyaz, who forwarded Remo's mail

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Accident and the IIT: Read the letter

Reader response: Did the accident occur on the IIT campus for Remo to blame the faculty?

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