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Remo: lost four fellow musicians to an accident


'Mode of transport beside the point'

The mode of transportation of accompanists is entirely beside the point at hand. IIT-K invited the band because Remo is a popular artist, and not because they know or care about the accompanists.

For all they know, Remo might be changing his accompanists after every concert.

I believe what Remo did for his accompanists immediately after the accident and after their sad demise is relevant and not the mode of transportation he provides to his accompanists.

If Remo did not get back to help in the formalities in a situation like this, and did not help the families of the deceased, he should be blamed.

Institutions like IIT-K, and the administration and faculty, have a certain pull, which may be useful in getting formalities cleared. As the organisers of the concert, they should have had the decency to be available and provide all the help required in the situation.

A reader
(Name withheld on request)

Write to Riyaz, who forwarded Remo's mail

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Accident and the IIT: Read the letter

Reader response: Did the accident occur on the IIT campus for Remo to blame the faculty?

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