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Experiments of a rhythm man

Trilok Gurtu
Times Music
Rs 95

Trilok Gurtu plays a variety of drums. Downbeat magazine voted him 'best percussionist' three years in a row.

Times Music has released the third album of this magician of percussion. Kathak has seven tracks studded with Trilok's brilliance as a percussionist, mathematician and a man in search of new sounds.

The album starts with Ganapati, in praise of our popular elephant god. It is a new version of his popular Cherrytown, present in both his previous albums. It thus forms a link with his earlier work.

The first thing that strikes you in the album is the rawness of the sound -- acoustic, pure and unadulterated. Trilok uses the harmonium in a novel way, making up staccato phrases along the beat. He also uses the sitar, and just when you are getting used to an Indian mood, he brings in the totally strange sound of the African cow bell. Trilok says, "My music is a synthesis of all my influences, yet somewhere along the way the influences have dropped away to leave behind simple and pure sound." Kathak is indeed a mix of diverse sounds from around the globe.

Brazilian is very soothing, perfect if you are alone in a dark room. Shobha Gurtu lends her ever young voice to the emotional discharge.

Who Knows The Mind on Side B has a lot of movement -- the musical phrases frequently wander off like a playful child and return to the main track.

Take the ride. You'll enjoy it. Shunyai and You, Remember This are further incentives to buy this tape. Got Rs 95? Go get this tape. If not, cut your weekend disco and save up for it! Why are music labels still stuck with balle balle?

Raghupathy D Dixit

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