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Tappanguchi and pop

Ananda Poongaatre
Fivestar Audio
Rs 40

Deva's music with its blend of authentic Tamil folk and pop rhythms, always finds its way to the top ten charts. This movie's songs are no different.

Semmeena Vinmeena has been on the charts for quite some time. The pallavi melody is very attractive and is built on a good bass. The stanza is very chaotic with lots of percussion and bass all clashing.

Udhayam Theatre is a typical tappanguchi song. The lyrics reflect the street language, Udhayam theatre le na idayatha tholachenů

Paatukku palaivanam has a folk style intro, with flute on cart bells and a voice (Krishnaraj). Syncopated phrases follow and then merge into the actual song about the power of music which can make a desert bloom and the moonlight nod in time. Hariharan sings the main song.

Vaikasi is a bit with Sanskrit sloka, chorus humming on a tavil beat and Hariharan singing. Interesting.

Akka Akka by Srinivas and Swarnalatha is a fast paced tune introduced by a tavil beat, and then going on to a mellow beat on a bass track. The tavil returns in the bit and the stanza. The second bit uses the ghatam.

Solakuyil with Hariharan, Sujatha and Krishnaraj is a neat tune. Krishnaraj sings the classical based intro bit. The bass on the table beats is subtle and well used. The second bit with violins and flute is juxtaposed with nadaswaram phrases. But the beat has no variations, making it somewhat monotonous. Meenatchi Meenatchi has a therukoothu style intro with ad lib phrases which then devolops into a tappanguchi beat, Deva and Sabesh sing. Deva's folk style rawness of voice is very apt for the song.

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