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Ghazals from a winner

Mohammed Vakil
Rs 45

Mohammed Vakil is a TVS Sa Re Ga Ma find: he won the mega finals of this popular TV show. And happily for him, Magnasound has given him an opportunity to record a full-fledged album.

Sa Re Ga Ma, hosted by an encouraging Sonu Nigam, sets exacting standards. In the process, it promotes truly talented singers. Mohammed Vakil's ghazal tracks are well rendered The ghazal creates a romantic world, and attempts to capture fleeting sentiments; it therefore calls for fine filigree work with the voice. Vakil's voice is soft and pliable, and suits the genre.

Vakil is not consistently good, though. There are shaky parts where his voice falters. In Sheher e wafa the rendition gets most unprofessional. Was the cassette put together in a hurry?

The courtly love songs in Urdu are by Ibrahim Kashk, Bashir Badr, Madan Pal and Naseem Rifat. The music attempts nothing new.

Vakil has made a debut. More exposure and experience will help him grow.

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