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Pop out of the music channels

Max 4
Rs 125

With three earlier compilations to its credit BMG-Crescendo now offers a fourth, with its judicious mix of established hits, would-be hits and difficult-to-trace hits.

Along with big names like Celine Dion (My heart will go on), The Corrs (Dreams), Eric Clapton (My father's eyes) and Ricky Martin (The cup of life), this compilation has the good sense to include Brandy and Monica, whose song The boy is mine was not all that popular at the time of the cassette's release (October 1998). This pair is frequently on the music channels now, with a wonderfully warm and fluent rendition of the tritely-worded The boy is mine. Cleopatra's Cleopatra's time is again a forward-looking choice. The group may not be all that visible on the music channels, but they deserve better.

It must have been a difficult but happy decision which left out Madonna's Frozen and included Natalie Imbruglia. Madonna is easily found in every other compilation whereas Natalie is not. Other notable inclusions are Savage Garden with Truly Madly Deeply and Maria Montell's And the story goes.

An added attraction is the lyrics booklet offered with the cassette. The price is steep by Indian standards, but full marks to the excellent quality of the recordings and the tape.

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