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German technology talking

Modern Talking

Rs 125

Modern Talking zoomed into popularity in the mid-80s with their pop-techno music. They stayed long on the hit lists in Germany and elsewhere. This is their eigth studio album, and it aims once again for the gold and platinum discs.

Modern Talking is Dieter Bohlen and Thomas Ander, the duo with great confidence in its talent. They became a global name with their strong rhythms and simple lyrics. The aim is to entertain and they have been good at it.

The present album is very much in the Modern Talking style -- strong beats and pop rhythms. It is slightly repetitive as every other album of theirs has been. There is the occasional slow song for variety. Just close your eyes and All I have attempt to break the monotony of the pop rhythms with some acoustic guitars. Their music doubles as dance music too. The tunes invariably remind you of You're my heart, you're my soul or Brother Louie. The refrains from Rouge et noir and Taxi Girl sound very much like You're my heart, you're my soul.

Side Two with It hurts so good and For always and ever have the makings of hits. Fast paced and different from the typical Modern Talking chord and tune progression, these are the only "new" sounding songs in the album besides I'll never give you up.

While Modern Talking fans may look forward to this album, it does not revive the magic of their first album.

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