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Pyar with a southern accent

Mumbai Chori
Hindi Love songs
Rs 50

The same trite words, but with a different accent.

Niranjana has written all the songs. They are sung by South Indian film playback singers SPB, Unnikrishnan, Sairam and Sujatha. The tape offers three Karaoke tracks, and a singalong contest form. The best singer gets to record with HMV. The second and third winners get cash prizes. By the way, 30 June is the last date.

The lyrics are on the inlay card. The music, concept and production is by Guru Maheshwar.

Not memorable, on the whole. SP messes up because he is not at ease in the language. Unnikrishnan sounds more credible. Sairam, not as famous as the other two male singers, does the best job by far. Sujata, SP's sister, sounds good in the lower reaches.

The tape sounds a little different from the run-of-the-mill stuff being churned out by the Hindi film and pop industry. But that's not saying much, is it? The whole orchestra is electronic. Not a single acoustic instrument is heard.

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