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A composer too many!

Hote Hote Pyaar Ho Gaya
Jet Music,
Pen Audio

Rs 45

Hote Hote Pyaar Ho Gaya has three music composers: Anand Raaj Anand, Pradeep, and Ejaz. Kartoos and Pyaar Mein Kabhi Kabhi too had three music composers.

Does having three composers make an album lively? Going by this one, you'd say no.

The title song Hote hote pyaar ho gaya by Alka Yagnik (words by Rani Malik) has some neat guitar passages. The beat is not too loud.

Haiyo hikko nikko ni is sung on a reggaeish beat by Anand Raaj Anand, and there is a second version by Kavita Krishnamurthy. Anand Raaj Anand sings okay, except his voice sometimes sounds slightly unclear.

Udit Narayan and Sadhana Sargam pair up to sing O jane ja. Various drums make up the background. The beat and the tune sound stale.

Jab tum mere by Kumar Sanu has pleasant violin, accordion and piano bits. But finally there's nothing much to write home about.

Chitra proves her mettle again in Pyaar wale rang. The tune uses the flute particularly well. A beautiful alaap opens the song and is repeated throughout.

A movie these days cannot do without a wedding song, and here we have Laddu motichur ka, sung by Alka Yagnik and Purnima. Nothing new.

The sad thing is that even three composers can't save an album.

Divya Minisandram

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