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...baby one more time

Britney Spears
…baby one more time
Rs 125

This sixteen-year old American has topped the Billboard charts for weeks together with her neat pop style and pleasant music in the title song…baby one more time. The song has become such a hit that there is a bonus remix version included in the album. All the songs make for good, easy listening.

There are perhaps those who would decline to accept pure pop as music worthy of any mention, but there is no denying the wholesome effect of music which has no pretensions and is straightforward pop. It might not be making any earth shattering declarations, but the idea is to enjoy and that is easy with this album. The song Soda Pop with its hip-hop influence makes for a good mix of styles. The dance song Deep in my hearthas singing violins and an interesting rhythm.

The beat goes on follows its own intense structure and is set apart from the other numbers on the album. This sort of non-repetitive healthy pop reminds one of Abba or the Spice Girls. Unlike some other groups which tend to fall into a rhythmic or melodic rut these have brought out the best in pop.

Britney makes an obvious effort to sing in the style of Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey and her voice though not in the same class as these two stars does manage to be good and true.

The lyrics are all about love-smitten girls and boys and teenage heartbreak and their language (E-mail my heart). The album has a judicious mixture of slow ballads and fast numbers.

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