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Smashing boys

Rs. 125

One among other "boy-groups" such as Boyz II Men, Boyzone,and Color Me Badd, Backstreet Boys is most popular in India. Amongst the high-school, college-going crowd they have a huge fan followin.

Hits from them such as Quit playing games with my heart and Everybody with their simple lyrics and catchy tunes gave them an edge even over Boyz II Men with their great harmonies and Boyzone with their series of popular remixes. With Millennium they continue in their tradition of pop and R&B, easily topping the Billboard charts.

Show me the meaning's slow, with deep throated violins-cellos humming in the background and another layer of flowing violins and soft guitar. Larger than life and It's gotta be you sound too much like Everybody to make any impression. I want it that way is a smash hit, already much heard on music channels.

The intricate beat of Don't want you back is really impressive. The light piano arpeggio on the heavy beat offers an interesting contrast in sounds. The refrain is very catchy.

Don't want to lose you now has a bass deeper in texture than the usual bass tones. I need you tonight with plentiful piano chords,Back to your heart in which the cello's warm tones fill in the background, andNo one else comes close are soft mushy numbers.

The boys are sounding better and better, the vocal inflexions in the style of Boyz II Men, are definitely classy.

Lyrics of some of the songs on Side A are on the inlay card.
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The group admits to being inspired by Boyz II Men and hopes to harmonise with them. That should be something to look forward to.

In fact the singing in No one else comes close seems to be inspired by Boyz II Men, they don't exactly sing the classical harmonies which characterise the Boyz..., but in the flexible explorations of the tune with the voice, they remind one of them. The One has a fast lively beat which makes it memorable.

The delight in listening to such tapes lies in the sheer perfection of the recording. The sound levels are delicately adjusted such that every instrument and voice blends neatly -- no hissing, harsh tones, no jarring bass, no finesses lost.

Spanish eyes' Latin orchestration with restrained castagnettes and slow tune is pleasant. The perfect fan is an expression of gratitude to the devoted fans who have stood by them. The rather simple lyrics and tune are common to The perfect fan and I'll be there for you

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