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Stately Purvi Kalyani, lively Amruthavarshini

Lalgudi Jayaraman
Rs 45

Lalgudi Jayaraman, a Karnatak violin great, is also known as a composer. His tillanas feature in most artistes' concerts. As an accompanist he anticipates the main artiste's line of thought and tunes in with amazing rapport. Here he presents a very well-balanced tape concert.

The Kaapinarayani kriti Sarasasamadana (Tyagaraja) is in medium tempo. The tones are quiet, and though the sangatis are intricate they don't get flashy. Vellore Ramabhadran's mrudangam could have enhanced this good beginning with more imagination than he shows.

Dikshithar's Anandamurthavarshini in Amruthavarshini is unhurried in pace and explores the raga within the framework of the kriti itself. G J R Krishnan complements his father in the swara prasthara. The mrudangam plays along in a dull relentless pattern.

Ataana is presented in a sensitive alapana followed by Tyagaraja's Munmoorthulu.

All of B side is devoted to Purvi Kalyani which develops in stages with simple evocative phrases. Dikshithar's Meenakshi me mudam follows in grand style. The inlay card wrongly credits the kriti to Tyagaraja. The neraval and swara prasthara maintain the majesty of the kriti.

The number of pieces is limited and allows the master to create a contemplative mood. There is no flashy display of craft. The tone throughout is sober. But sometimes, in his quest for technical perfection, Lalgudi gets mechanical and loses out on human quality.

This tape is sponsored by R Thyagarjan of the Pallave Heritage trust.

S Suchitra Lata

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