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A family image for Ajay, Kajol

Dil Kya Kare
Sony Music
Rs 55

The film's USP is that it is the first to pair Ajay Devgan and Kajol after they tied the knot. It's Sony's third Hindi film album.

Jatin-Lalit attempt to rework their Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikandar and Kuch Kuch Hota Hai tunes again. The film has eight songs, and there's that sense of deja vu all over.

Dil kya kare by Udit Narayan and Alka Yagnik has a beautiful violin ensemble. But the tune is reminiscent of Jatin-Lalit's earlier hits. Are they playing safe by copying their own hits? Side B features a sad version of the song, replete with tolling church bells and a wailing chorus. Kumar Sanu replaces Udit there.

Sukhwinder Singh and Jaswinder Narula bring a rustic Punjabi touch to Menu lagan lagi. They sing with intensity. The dafli and the bass compliment each other but the dafli soon gives way to the usual synthesized drum. The effect attempted is folk-pop. The interlude with the sound of bells and a simulated been/sarangi again brings a charming folk feel. Sukhwinder's short but punchy ad-lib phrase in the interlude is well-done. The second interlude with heavy synthesized pipes does not suit the song. The third is mostly percussion. The song ends with the tempo spiralling towards a crescendo.

Do dilon ki by Anuradha Paudwal and Udit Narayan has a soft intro with guitar and piano which takes after the Western pop mode. The R D Burman influence is evident in this song, especially in the way the interludes progress.

Badal bijli by Abhijeet and a chorus of children is celebrates the rain. It takes away the fear of thunder by describing it as the music of nature. Badal bijli ka baaja leke aaya sawan ka raja (The king of the season brings the music of the clouds).

Rang lage lo is in a dialect and the main tune is reminiscent of a song that Runa Laila made popular in the 1970s. The beat, the whistling, the chorus -- all evoke a Holi tradition recreated in the tinsel style of Hindi films.

Monday bhi ho Sunday is all about family values and bonding. Ajay and Kajol are no longer the teasing lovers and young pranksters. With songs like this, they seem to be getting a family image!

Pyar ke liye by Alka Yagnik is a quiet melody with guitar bits and the usual violin ensemble. Alka is shrill in the higher ranges, and her voice lacks body. The tunes are run-of-the-mill, can't say any better about Anand Bakshi's lyrics either.

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