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Lilts from Rajkumar and G K Venkatesh

Doorada Betta
Bangarada Panjara
Rs 35

This tape brings together songs from three Kannada movies, with lyrics by Chi Udayshankar.

G K Venkatesh has composed the music for Doorada Betta and Trimurthy. Only one song, the famous, Preetine aa dyavuru tanda is featured from the first film. It celebrates the value of love amidst poverty. The words are simple; it is bleak mysticism without the accompanying self-pity or bitterness.

Eko na manasothenu is carefree seduction in lyrics and tune, S Janaki has rendered this song with great style. This is from Trimurthy. Le… Appanna magale has Rajkumar singing, the violin bits are beautiful. G K Venkatesh was unique in that, prolific though he was, he could still come up with fresh tunes and didn't even have to resort to copying himself.

Side B has four of G K Raghu's songs in Bangarada Panjara. The first two songs with their rustic language do not prepare the listener for the surprise of the third song Come and meet me which shifts to the big, bad town and a seductive siren. The song is an intelligent jazzy arrangement. Again in Kariya kambali, the prelude to the song transports one to the village with its temple and festivities.

Moogana kaadiderenu from Trimurthy, sung intensely by Rajkumar to G K Venkatesh's tune, seems an appropriate way to end the cassette which began with Preetine aa dyavru tanda. The guitar chords and the solo violin arrangement are lovely. The bits move away from the main chords making up the song as it goes along and keep one guessing.

But the quality of the recording is very poor and sounds scratchy.

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