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Kajol: double role in this Rahul Rawail film Sweet and sour soup  New
There's some vital ingredient missing from Anu Malik's serving for the Kajol double bill Kuch Khatti Kuch Meethi    New

Love within flower brackets  New
Marriages may be made in heaven, as the posters of Kahin Pyar Na Ho Jaye claim, but albums like this are simply made on the assembly line    New

A worthy album  New
Samarpanam is a useful collection of old and young vocalists singing the master composer Thyagaraja    New

An oldworldly dignity  New
Namagiripettai Krishnan's mastery of the best traditions of the nadaswaram is evident in a tape that displays middle-of-the-20th-century taste in its selections    More

Champion of neglected composers  Coming soon
Here's an all-Tamil album from M L Vasanthakumari, that legend who looked where few cared to    More

Some recent reviews

Power from the maestro  New
Milestone brings Symphony 2 and 5 from Beethoven, conducted by the legendary Béla Drahos with Nicolaus Esterhazy Sinfonia. A treat for those who prefer complete orchestral works to snippets    New

Lucky Ali: singing straight Line art in pop singing  New
Not all of Lucky Ali's tunes in Aks are memorable, but he brings a welcome minimalist tradition to Indipop    New

An incongruous medley from drum wiz  New
Danceability is a quality that remix albums force even on songs that were never meant to be danced to, you discover in Pravin Mani's Tehalka    New

Multi-layering raga music   Exclusive interview
Raga artistes like Aruna Sayeeram and Shubha Mudgal singing together and creating multiple layers? Can raga music be sung as in a choir? Why not, says Aneesh Pradhan, Mumbai's star tabla player    More

Zubeida's from a quieter age   New
A R Rahman puts away his drum kit for Shyam Benegal's Zubeidaa, but the period film can't drag him away from his Bombay and Pukar orchestral style    More

Love in the time of hollering   New
The music of Mohabbatein, the Diwali release starring Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan, is so cliched you'll want to holler the tunes along to prove that you've heard them all before   More

This Tenali is no Bruce Lee  New
Kamala Hassan plays a timid idiot in a film named after Krishnadevaraya's famous jester. A R Rahman's quickie score is unlikely to leave even his diehard fans happy   More

Guided tour into a fabulous world   
Alaap, Times Music and Aurobindo Society's 20 CD-project, can introduce the uninitiated and the hesitant into the emotionally nurturing world of Indian classical music    More

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