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Reviews this month

Bridging love and despair
Ilaiyaraja's Sethu does not have the grandeur of Hey Ram, but one tune stands out for what it strives to convey -- a certain poignancy that comes with love and longing    More

Okay tunes for K Balachander's banner
Deva's songs in Appu are not too bad, but given the number of tunes he lifts, people will soon start looking for sources of his "inspiration" even when he makes original tunes!    More

The two-movie sheen's gone
If you've liked Josh and Jung, be prepared for some disappointment. Anu Malik gives you a weak score in this "romantic thriller" starring Bobby and Karishma   More

A second piggyback ride
Bally Sagoo has perfected the craft of taking someone else's tune and making it sound 'hip'. Bollywood Flashback 2 gives you his version of songs like Noorie and Aaj phir jeene ka tamanna hai   More

Jazz with an Indian flavour
Shakti, with Zakir Hussain, Vikku Vinayakram and John MacLaughlin, pioneered a blend of Indian rhythms and jazz melody. Remember Shakti, in two volumes, presents them live    More

Duets from a young Yesudas
Golden Hour features songs Yesudas sang for Tamil films between 1964 and 1982. You find representative songs from two decades of this prolific singer's career   More

Recreating the magic of old jazz in Europe
A seven-member band from the Netherlands, with a long performing tradition, concentrates on happy, fast-paced stuff   More

Chinese 'chakkars'
In Take Out Chinese musicians play folk songs of their country with an orchestra of modern keyboards and drums   More

A German group's jaunt in the East   New
Modern Talking sprinkle the 'Orient' all over their lyrics and music in their new album Year of the Orient   More

More reviews coming up.

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