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Album reviews

Ghazals you can rock to   New
Pankaj Udhas's Janeman is an example of the stately ghazal moving towards a rhythm-heavy style that thrives on the distortion guitar    More

Feminism and 'ethnic chic'  New
Haule Haule, which Ila Arun calls a 'folk-pop' album, rubbishes "gutter-pitter Englis", yet she seems to belong too easily in the world of "ethnic chic"    More

Hemavati with heart  New
Bombay Jayashri sings a detailed, deeply felt raga Hemavati in an album of Dikshitar gems    More

Eighty minutes of sheer delight in Paris   New
Live in Paris shows John Mc Laughlin, many-sided genius and pioneer of jazz fusion, playing inspired music with various artistes    More

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