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Ghazal king sings bhajans

Jagjit Singh carries out an intimate dialogue with god Krishna

Rs 50

Jagjit Singh is synonymous with ghazals. He has been composing for films too. Here he sings bhajans and kirtans devoted to Krishna.

Some tracks are in the usual mould, accompanied by a bhajan theka on the tabla and the manjira: He krishna gopal hare and Tum doondho mujhe gopal. The opening track Baat nihare Ghanshyam is an intimate lullaby. The god is addressed in terms of endearing intimacy and put to sleep with soothing flutes and sitar bits.

The best thing on this tape is that it doesn't use heavy sythesized keyboard sounds. The presence of a harmonium and the repeat chorus gives it the feel of a live bhajan session.

Tum doondho mujhe Gopal (words: Ravindra Pathania) pleads with Krishna to look for the bhakta who has forgotten him.

Krishna Murari ji aankh base man bhave begins like a khayal, the tanpura sruti is fulfilling in itself and Jagjit's deep ad lib bit moves. The sitar is sparingly used. Krishna pranat paal prabhu also begins like a khayal. The beat is rupak and the deep sounds of the tabla and his voice might make an atheist rethink religion!

Baanke bihari has a folk feel with its fast pace and the ektaara. The nuanced raga excursions, trademark of good ghazal singing, are quietly used here.

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