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Usha Khanna is a music director in her own right, but she could also be a contender for the top slot among "Other Singers"



V&S> Priya Rajvansh tries to act wounded, but is unintentionally hilarious
QM> In Tum jo mil ga_e ho, Lata does sound wonderful
R&M> I wonder why people used Hemant Kumar's clone when Hemant was around...
Vandana> How could you not get this song?
Surajit> How do you remember such lousy songs?!

Quiz talk

Who sang the lovely
Dheerese aaja? 

Comments, insights, trivia, barbs, repartees, jokes and all the fun that went into the skewed duets quiz set by Radha and Abhay


11. [12/22]

kab aaye the wo kab gaye kuchh yaad nahii.n hai
aa.Nkhon me.n basaa hai wahii diidaar kaa aalam

Though the OS's presence is minimal, it is difficult to think of this song without her voice chiming in with an echo every now and then. She is an MD in her own right but, if there were a separate category for "Other Singers", she would perhaps be a contender for the top slot!

phir aane lagaa yaad wahii pyaar kaa aalam
inkaar kaa aalam wahii iqaraar kaa aalam

OS: Usha Khanna [11/22]
LS: Mohammed Rafi
Film: Ye Dil Kisko Doon
MD: Iqbal Qureshi

UK chimes in with "pyaar kaa aalam" at the end of the sthaayii throughout the song.

V&S> Yup, she sure has a lot of OS-type songs. There's a lovely Mahendra Kapoor duet: "jhuke jo tere nainaa, ki chuu.Dii terii khanakii, ki paayal terii chhanakii, ki terii merii priit gorii hai baalepan kii"; there's the very hummable "pal bhar ke liye koii hame.n pyaar kar le" (where is it? Thought it would be in the quiz 4 sure)

AD> Which are the other such songs of hers? I know two: "dekhiye yoo.N na sharamaaie" (Bindiya, with Mukesh; again by Iqbal Qureshi!) and "jhuke to tere nainaa" (Kangan of Kalyanji-Anandji, with Mahendra Kapoor. In any case, why don't you include the other songs you had considered in the answers post?

QM> Well, that's three more between Surajit's comments and yours, then there's that Urdu alphabet song...we can't immediately come up with more, but we are sure there ARE more. We were talking about the percentage of songs as OS compared to percentage of songs as lead/solo singer.

ASR> It's only due to the "... kaa aalam" refrain that I remember the song at all. I doubt I've got the first part correct.

QM> And to think we almost left out the "kaa aalam" bit, thinking it would make it too easy!

12. [22/22]

tum kyaa jaano tum kyaa ho, ek suriilaa naGmaa ho
bhiigii raato.n me.n mastii, tapate din me.n saayaa ho
ab jo aa gae ho, jaane na duu.ngaa
ki mujhe ik hasii.n meharabaa.N mil gayaa

A duet in the film, this song has the OS's interlude cut out in most commercially available versions. A pity, for - in our opinion - the brief interlude is the sanest part of a song where the main singer AND the orchestra seem to be on their own trip! Crashing waves add to the overall noise. Why wounds should be laughing is a mystery to us!

tum jo mil gaye ho, to ye lagataa hai ki jahaa.N mil gayaa
ek bhaTake hu_e raahii ko kaarawaa.N mil gayaa

OS: Lata Mangeshkar [17/22]
LS: Mohammed Rafi
Film: Hanste Zakhm
MD: Madan Mohan
Lyricist: Kaifi Azmi

LM sings the sthaayii once after the first stanza.

SM> You bet I had fun cracking it. I spent one full restless day finding the answer. I could sing the antra, but could not reach till mukhdaa..

VT> but i heard the orchestration was ahead of its times when it first came

QM> Isn't that the usual fig leaf for cacophony masquerading as music?

V&S> I think the title refers to the fact that Priya Rajvansh tries to act wounded, but is unintentionally hilarious. The song has terrible orchestration, though Rafi is lovely.

Ketan> IMHO, the OS's part is NOT the sanest part of the song, lovely as it is. And I strongly protest the statement that the "Main singer and the orchestra are on a trip of their own". Those two work wonderfully together to make this song a masterpiece. If this is a "trip", I am packing my bags and willing to go along.

QM> Bon voyage! :-)

AD> The sanest part? No problem with any vocals. It's a lovely tune. It is the orchestration for the interludes between the stanzas that's controversial. The instruments between vocal lines are also often very loud, but Madan Mohan indulges in that all too often.

QM> Indeed he does. Take "wo bhuulii daastaa.N" - a good tune, very good singing, but the orchestration almost ruins the song.

TH> I don't agree with your opnion about main singer. Orchestra is too loud but Rafi has sung quite well. and much better than Lata, Just listen how Lata sounds in "Aaj socha to aansu bhar aaye" in the same film.

AR> I adore a Lata solo from this film - "aaj socha to aansoo bhar aaye". the way she sings "unki *mehfil* se hum uthh to aaye" or "dard *dil* mein chupaaye chupaaye" is gorgeous and extremely moving.

QM> Those two comments HAD to be put together!! The best comment on this song belongs to Surajit: he once said something like, "kaan ke naazuk paDade phaTate hai.n, itanaa uu.Nchaa bhii ko_ii na gaa_e"! LOL!! Seriously, though, Tabassum, we don't think Lata sounds all that bad in the latter song. And in that short piece in "tum jo mil ga_e ho", she DOES sound wonderful!

AD> I don't think the stanza in the clue is in the film version!

QM> AFAWR, the film version has all three stanzas.

13. [16/22]

kis liye mil mil ke dil chhuTate hai.n
kis liye ban ban mahal TuuTate hai.n
kis liye dil TuuTate hai.n
patthar se puuchhaa shiishe se puuchhaa
Kaamosh hai sab ki zabaa.N

No, not an _illusion_ - this in indeed a duet. A case of a star OS with a lead singer who is practically unknown in Hindi films. The OS provides great backing for the song, besides having a solo tandem version.

ai dil kahaa.N terii ma.nzil
na ko_ii diipak hai na ko_ii taaraa hai
duur hai zamii.n duur aasamaa.N

OS: Lata Mangeshkar [13/22]
LS: Dwijen Mukherjee
Film: Maya
MD: Salil Choudhary
Lyricist: Majrooh Sultanpuri

LM harmonizes with the chorus between and during the stanzas.

AD> Salil Chowdhury has a whole slew of such songs, with Lata or Sabita providing harmony. Shankar-Jaisishan's "aa ab lauT chale.n" can be considered a poorer cousin of these songs. I think that class of songs deserved a higher representation, but I suppose you are catering to the sheep of the loRD!

QM> But the loRD and Salil have exactly the same number of songs in this quiz!! The one who walked away with the highest number is SDB. [We must clarify though that the song selection was random, so these statistics are trivia at best.]

R&M> I wonder why people used Hemant Kumar's clone when Hemant was around those days. More so Salil Chowdhry who had a great tuning with Hemant in his Bangla songs. A great song but wish it was HK singing it.

14. [21/22]

kirano.n ne chunariyaa taanii
bahaare.n kis pe aaj hai diwaanii
cha.ndaa kii chaal mastaanii
hai paagal jis pe raat kii raanii
taaro.n kaa jaal le le dil nikaal
puuchho na haal mere dil kaa

Surely one of the best-known skewed duets. The movie was unusual in having two clearly identifiable title songs, the other one being a solo by the OS here. If you can't get this one, you are naive indeed!

wo chaa.Nd khilaa wo taare ha.Nse
ye raat ajab matawaarii hai
samajhane waale samajh ga_e hai.n
na samajhe...
na samajhe wo anaaDi hai.n

OS: Mukesh [17/22]
LS: Lata Mangeshkar
Film: Anari
MD: Shankar-Jaikishen
Lyricist: Shailendra

Mukesh sings "na samajhe vo anaaDi hai.n" the first time it occurs in the sthaayii.

Vandana> "Surajit! How could you not get this song?!"

Surajit> "Vandana, how do you remember such lousy songs?!"

CP> o.s starts later but as he is anadi he let the main singer dominate here!

QM> na, na, Chirag-bhai - it's because he is NOT an "anaaDii" that he let's the better singer take over completely!! :-)

VT> [T]his song has very apparent shades of Western classical music... In fact remember the original very vaguely...can somebody help me trace it?

QM> Karthik, are you listening?

15. [22/22]

bhalaa kaise TuuTe.nge ba.ndhan ye dil ke
bichhaDatii nahii.n mauj se mauj milake
chhupoge bha.Nwar me.n to chhupane na de.nge
Dubo de.nge naiyaa tumhe.n Dhuu.NDh le.nge ham, banaa_e.nge ham
banaa_e.nge tuufaa.N ko ik din kinaaraa...

Again, a very well-known skewed duet. And one that is always announced as a duet on the radio, but rarely has the other singer's part show up! The film was one of the musical milestones of Hindi cinema. The MD got the first ever Filmfare award for music - his only one, as it turned out!

akelii mat jaiyo raadhe jamunaa ke tiir...
tuu ga.ngaa kii mauj mai.n jamunaa kaa dhaaraa
ho rahegaa milan ye hamaaraa, ho o o
hamaaraa tumhaaraa rahegaa milan
ye hamaaraa tumhaaraa

OS: Lata Mangeshkar [19/22]
LS: Mohammed Rafi
Film: Baiju Bawra
MD: Naushad
Lyricist: Shakeel Badayuni

LM starts singing the mukhaDaa at the end of the song, and then the chorus takes over.

SM> One more Binaca Geetmala Topper.

SK> By the way, the 78 rpm record that was released at the time of the film's original release, did have Lata accompanying Rafi all along the way in the second stanza, and very identifiably so. (IIRC, no chorus there.) That's why the song is probably still announced as a duet.

AD> You apparently have the film version in mind: Rafi finishes the song; chorus hums the tune; Lata starts the song but her voice is quickly drowned out by the chorus. In the 60s, radio version used to be the 78rpm release, where Lata comes in and sings with Rafi from the second stanza (clue lines) on. There, Lata has less singing to do than Rafi, but she would hardly be called [OS]! Perhaps, nowadays radio stations use the film version or by radio you mean TV! I doubt if Srilanka BC would stop using the 78rpm version.

QM> The version we hear on Vividh Bharati seems to be the film version. We have never heard the 78 RPM version you mention. How is the distribution there -- does Lata sing all the lines with Rafi?

AD> I wouldn't have complained if you had included two songs from 'Baiju Bawra', although that would have introduced a variant: two leading singers and one other singer.

QM> "duur ko_ii gaaye" WAS on our list initially, but got knocked out because it is not a duet.

V&S> There's a skewed trio in this movie: duur koii gaaye, with Rafi going "ho jii ho". In fact I can think of about five other "skewed trios" off the top of my head....where two singers have lotsa lines and a third one has only one or two bits: - mehaa aao re, ghir ghir ke chhao re (Asha, Lata, Manna in Sangeet Samraat Tansen)
- o jaake laage nainaa vo paaye nahii.n chainaa, nadiyaa kinaare ho guzaare din rainaa (Asha, Suraiya, Rafi in some Husnlal Bhagatram movie)
- jab jab bahaar aayii aur phuul muskuraaye (Usha Mangeshkar, Mahendra Kapoor, and Usha Timothy in Taqdeer)
- rainaa soyii soyii, nainaa jaage jaage (or some such thing; a very noisy song from Ye Gulistaan Hamaara, the interesting part being that Lata basically has all the real lines; RDB and SDB each contribute "anokhe bol")
- jiivan chalane kaa naam (Mahendra Kapoor, Manna De, and Shyama Chittar in Shor; Shyama has more to do in the tandem, but in the better known version she has only one line, and she messes it up pretty badly actually; LP should have re-recorded it to get rid of her off-key screeching)
- nasiib inasaan kaa chaahat se hii sa.Nvarataa hai ... ham tumhe.n chaahate hai.n aise (Manhar, Asha, and Anand Kumar C. in Qurbani)
QM> Well, you have the seeds of another quiz right there!!
AR> My humble opinion on this song - wish it had never been composed :-)

QM> Could you put humility aside and say WHY?

16. [15/22]

paapii hai papiihaa dekho shor kare ban me.n
huuk sii uThe siine me.n aag lage man me.n
pagalii puravaa_ii gaaye...
bhiige aur naache jaaye...

Perhaps the only song in this quiz that was specifically designed as a skewed duet. The film, which was supposed to mirror real-life rivalry between two celebrity siblings, had four MDs (is this a record?). However, neither the film nor its music really registered. Use a better instrument next time, ma'am!

baadal chaa.Ndii barasaa_e, runajhun runajhun
buu.Ndo.n ke saaz bajaaye, runajhun runajhun
paanii apanii paayal dharatii par jhanakaaye, runajhun runajhun

OS: Jyotsna Hardikar [12/22]
LS: Devaki Pandit
Film: Saaz
Music: Bhupen Hazarika
Lyricist: Javed Akhtar

JH goes "runajhun runajhun" wherever it occurs in the song.

R&M> They should have got Asha and Lata to sing this one ;-)

QM> Thank god they didn't! We prefer to retain "man kyu.N bahaka rii bahakaa aadhii raat ko" as our last memory of their joint singing.

17. [18/22]

tumhii.n saamane ho mere, mai.n jidhar nazar uThaauu.N
tumhe.n bhuulanaa bhii chaahuu.N, to kabhii na bhuul paa_uu.N
mere dil pe haa_e itanaa tumhe iKtiyaar kyu.N hai

Does one ever know the "why" of love? We wonder. This is the song that sparked this quiz: we had never consciously thought of it as a duet, but there was the "other" singer very much in evidence! Marvellous song from a film apparently made for superstitious souls.

ko_ii iqaraar kare yaa ko_ii inkaar kare
ham se ek baar nazare.n to zaraa chaar kare
tum hasii.n ho tumhe.n sab dil me.n jagah dete hai.n
ham me kyaa baat hai aisii jo ko_ii pyaar kare...
mai.n tumhii se puchhatii huu.N mujhe tum se pyaar kyo.N hai
kabhii tum daGaa na doge mujhe aitabaar kyo.N hai

OS: Mohammed Rafi [13/22]
LS: Lata Mangeshkar
Film: Black Cat
MD: N Datta
Lyricist: Jan Nisar Akhtar

MR sings the third and fourth lines of the prelude.

AD> The song has a tandem, a Lata solo, which seems to be nearly identical, but without the prelude stanza.

QM> The tandem has an additional stanza (starting "mujhe kyu.N pukaaratii hai.n...").

V&S> A similar trick [prelude by one singer and song by another] is used in far less boring song with a far more interesting pair of singers is from a fairly good, somewhat overwrought movie called "Amar Rahe Ye Pyaar". The prelude is by Pradeep! and the main singer is Suman Kalyanpur. I forget how the prelude goes but the song itself would have been a masterpiece if CR had had the sense to tune it in a key one full note lower:

mujhase biccha.Dake dil na dukhaanaa
beTaa mujhako bhuul hii jaanaa
mai.n terii koii nahii.n re ...

QM> Haven't heard the duet you mention, but Pradeep's rendition of the "Nastik" song doesn't leave us particularly eager to do so either!

18. [21/22]

...suhaag raat hai ghuu.NghaT uthaa rahaa huu.N mai.n
kabhii kabhii mere dil me.n khayaal aataa hai
ki jaise tujhako banaayaa gayaa hai mere liye
tu ab se pahale sitaaro.n me.n bas rahii thii kahii.n
tuje zamii.n pe bulaaya gayaa hai mere liye

OS: Mukesh [16/22]
LS: Lata Mangeshkar
Film: Kabhi Kabhie
MD: Khayyam
Lyricist: Sahir Ludhianvi

The songs opens with Mukesh singing the first line, after which he reappears twice - once to sing the clue line ("suhaag raat hai, ghuu.NghaT uThaa rahaa huu.N mai.n"), then to sing "mai.n jaanataa huu.N ki tuu Gair hai magar yuu.N hii, kabhii kabhii mere dil me.n khayaal aataa hai", before LM ends with a slow repeat of the mukhaDaa.

SM> Wow, once again a Binaca Topper!!! It seems skewed duets have a way with the listeners!! Interestingly, this is one of those few songs, which had the distinction of being a Binaca Topper and winner of Filmfare Awards for Singer, Lyrics and music!!! Only other song I can think of with these credentials is Baharon Phul Barsaao from Suraj.

19. [21/22]

bholii bhaalii jaapaanii guDiyaa jaisii tuu
pyaarii pyaarii jaaduu kii puDiyaa jaisii tuu
#daddy# kaa #mummy# kaa sab kaa kahanaa hai...

There is also a tandem solo, but not by the OS (also MD) here. A rare Hindi film where the hero's sister has a larger role than the putative heroine of the film. Incidentally, why do brother-sister songs have to sound so awfully syrupy?

phuulo.n kaa taaro.n kaa sab kaa kahanaa hai
ek hazaaro.n me.n merii bahanaa hai
saarii umar hame.n rahanaa hai

OS: R D Burman [12/22]
LS: Lata Mangeshkar
Film: Hare Rama Hare Krishna
MD: R D Burman
Lyricist: Anand Bakshi

RDB sings, "#daddy# kaa #mummy# kaa, sab kaa kahanaa hai, ek hazaaro.n me.n terii bahanaa hai".

VK> Two from the same film? tsk. tsk. Nice soundtrack but not worth this tribute.

R&M> Lata Mangeshkar sounds imbecile in this song. She definitely does not sound like a child. I love the Kishore version. I think this is the best of the lot of brother/sister songs. And this is the only film that took a non-sterotyped look at sibling bonds. While on the brother sister thing. I heard this joke.

Q: How can you make out if a girl and boy are playing brother-sister or lovers in a film?

A: If the run around trees they are lovers if they run around tables they are brother-sister.

AD> About "Incidentally, ..": why are you complaining after voluntarily including this travesty, that too at having to repeat a film? It flatters the song to be described "syrupy". I would call "bhaiyaa mere raakhee ke ba.ndhan ko nibhaanaa" syrupy. This one is sappy, insipid, and, with Lata trying playback for a boy, plain ugly. For a very nice song by a sister, have you heard the Lata song from 'Didi' by N. Dutta: mere bhaiyaa ko sa.ndesaa pahu.nchaanaa, re cha.ndaa terii jyot ba.Dhe?

QM> A female singer doing the playback for a boy is hardly unique to this song! About repeating the film: we left in both the songs primarily because they went with the flow of the quiz. Didn't seem such a big deal!

20. [20/22]

jagatii hai.n a.Nkhiyaa.N rotii hai qismat
dushman gariibo.n kii hotii hai qismat
dam bhar garibo.n kii kuTiyan me.n...

Can't end the line without giving away the song! The song has two versions: the happy solo (which has better lyrics) and a sad duet. The movie and its musical score were hugely successful. The hero, who died recently, launched a new style of dancing that is still aped by Bollywood heroes!

dhiire se aajaa ri a.Nkhiyan me.n ni.ndiyaa aajaa ri aajaa, dhiire se aajaa chupake se nainan kii bagiyan me.n ni.ndiyaa aajaa ri aajaa, dhiire se aajaa

OS: C Ramachandra [11/22]
LS: Lata Mangeshkar
Film: Albela
MD: C Ramachandra
Lyricist: Rajender Krishen

CR starts off the song by singing the sthaayii.

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