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Do come to my trance party!

This could be your introduction to a new form of dance music that's called trance

The First Trip
Sony Music
Rs 125

The First Trip is a trance compilation. Trance is techno-dance music that aims at giving you a high. It concentrates on instrumental sounds and monotonously repetitive beats. The sounds are synthesizer produced, and trance consciously keeps away from natural sounds. It's the synth and other electronic sounds that you hear a lot.

This makes trance harsher than what used to be called dance music in the '70s and '80s. You could dance to that music or just listen to it. Not so with trance: it hits hard on the ears and has a frenzied quality to it.

On this tape there's serious music from Bob Marley, a meditative song from Braveheart and the cliched oriental sound of Heart of Asia based on the pentatonic scale that we call Bhoop or Mohana. Heart of the ocean starts off with the humming refrain from Celine Dion's My heart goes on. Deep sea sounds blend with techno sounds; it's a better mix than the others.

There are some numbers that don't strictly match the definition of trance. Finished Symphony has some pleasant violins humming a little distantly on a pounding track of drums. Honey is a surprise number with a strong voice lead.

The common factor is that all songs are edited, remixed and converted into trance music. The beat never lets up for too long, lest you forget to jive!

This compilation features different DJs, but the sound is mostly the same. A heavy bass and spiralling beat go on and on, and the voices have an almost negligible role to play.

S Suchitra Lata

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