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Kannada cinema's brash new star

Upendra, director of A and now of a film named after himself, is brash and egotistical. That's also the quality of the lyrics in this album

Akash Audio Rs 45

Upendra owes his fame to A, a film he made about the relationship between a film director and his heroine. A film journalist decided he would tell the same story from the heroine's perspective, hired the same star (Prema), and made Z. No one was impressed.

Upendra made a couple of flops after A, but that didn't much dim his reputation. He's now acted in a film named after himself, and newspaper reports say it's already broken all collection records in the first 10 days.

In MTV Subbulakshmige olu Upendra compares himself to Channel V which "shows everything". Upendra describes himself as a frank and outspoken man on matters moral, all else is olu, crap! Udit Narayan lends his voice to this undemanding number.

The other Mumbai attraction in the film is Raveena Tandon, who plays one of the three heroines. And so there's Raveena, sung by a husky-voiced Anupama and Rajesh, singing the glories of the 'mast mast' girl.

Upendra sings Uppigintha ruchi bere illa in a raw untrained voice. 2000 AD ladiye is sung by the music composer Gurukiran in an Anglicised Kannada, bringing to mind the Rahman's style and accent in Mustafa mustafa. The beat's heavy too, and there are distortion guitar runs between lines.

Enilla enilla is a soft number, and introduces singer Pratima Rao.

Teenage brashness as Truth, that's what you find all over this album!

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