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Vijaybhaskar at work with some kombumaddale artistes. He gracefully lent us this photograph from his personal album

Vijaybhaskar, well known music director, passed away on March 3. He was 77. He died of a heart attack. Just before his death, he had finished work on a novel-based film Poorvapara

In tribute The Music Magazine carries an interview with him, done over several sittings in early 2001. He gave a lot of his time --two to three hours at each session -- and chatted freely about  his long musical journey through Hindi, Kannada and Tamil films. He had just won the Rajkumar Award, Karnataka government's honour for lifetime achievement in cinema
Excerpts from the interview:

'I worked with Naushad till Baiju Bawra. I was a freelancer. I used to go wherever I was called, and because of that I could gauge the work of various composers'

 'I used to think, "What is it that is heard behind the main melody?" I became very curious about counterparts. I went to my piano teacher Mr Hunt and asked him about the sound in recorded songs. He said I should study theory to understand all that'

Posted on 12 March 2002

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